As a Professional Life Coach, Phyllis presents seminars and workshops regarding life issues including goal setting, recovery from loss of a relationship, personal conflict resolution, finding your career purpose path, marriage enrichment, women's issues, single adult issues, single parent issues, and numerous other topics.

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Professional Life Coach, ChangePoints Coach Training, Life Purpose Coach®, Life Purpose Facilitator and Instructor, Workshops, Seminars and Motivational Speaker

  • Personal Growth
  • Career Path
  • Grief Recovery
  • Marriage Enrichment
  • Divorce and Separation Recovery
  • Single Parent Families
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Changepoints for Educators
  • Women's Issues
  • Certified Coach Training


Have many of the key elements of life – motivation, relationships, work, family, purpose, and faith all begun to blur? Does the thought of a “next step” seem elusive? Life & Work Coaching allows you to quickly and simply chart a fresh course for your life journey! Skilled coaching guides you to discover, define, and clarify your very own heart’s desires and aspirations, and equips you to gain focus and fulfillment for now and the future! Intentional strategic steps move you forward to create a life that is rewarding. Experience the support of a professional coach relationship and discover the energy of finding direction and achieving balance. Click on the "Get Started Now" button or contact Dr. Alderman for more information.

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ChangePoints For Living offers numerous workshops and seminars drawn from both corporate and ministry experience. See the "Get Started Now" for upcoming dates, or contact Dr. Alderman for more information.

  • CHANGEPOINTS WORKSHOP - MOVING FORWARD AFTER A SIGNIGICANT LIFE LOSS – thousands have benefited from this workshop uniquely developed to assist those going through divorce, separation, or death of a loved one. Attendees find hope and a future as the result of a better understanding of the grief and healing journey. They gain from new insights and experience a sense of camaraderie as they begin to build a fresh foundation for their tomorrows. Through compassionate understanding and practical information, attendees discover where they are on the healing journey, and begin to restore, refresh, and re-invent their hopes and dreams. This is a life changing workshop and the testimonies of those who have attended make this a “must attend” event for those seeking to move forward beyond the pain of loss.
  • THE MISSING PIECE OF THE PUZZLE – an insight into the four basic personalities using the DISC profile helps us in all our relationships. It is amazing how understanding our own personality, as well as understanding the personalities of “those others” in our families, work places, and social circles, can bring peace to our interactions. Discover the “uniqueness” of others and learn how to better understand, motivate and respond to each special person.

    Dr. Alderman is a Certified Human Behavior Specialist and Trainer with Uniquely You ®DISC, and Leadership Institute of America.

  • A CROSSROADS OF CHOICE – PEACE OR CONFLICT – how does a small word or action turn into a forest fire? Hear how the seven steps of “peace making” can change the winds of an out of control conflict. Discover the secrets of biblical resolution to ease the stress in our families, other relationships and work world.
  • HOW TO HANDLE CRITICISM EFFECTIVELY – BUILDING UP VS. TEARING DOWN - the skill of handling criticism is to choose to respond with love, truth, humility, and sometimes – not at all! Learn to turn criticism into an opportunity through the “sandpaper” of receiving different and opposing views.
  • A WALK DOWN THE PATH OF PURPOSE AND PEACE – incorporating the message from Dr. Katie Brazelton’s best seller book, “Pathway To Purpose For Women” Dr. Alderman shares the stepping-stones to put your past and present into a perspective that helps you discover your life mission and purpose. Learn practical how-to strategies and discover the stories of others who have traveled the journey to a better understanding of personal significance and spiritual growth.
  • ARE YOU READY FOR A “CHARACTER MAKEOVER?” – get this one-of-a-kind makeover that will change your life using the book “Character Makeover” by Dr. Katie Brazelton and Shelley Leith. Discover the remaking of your character through a grace-filled coaching experience. With a focus on eight qualities you will learn to assess your strengths through simple check lists, and some profound “warnings” to avoid creating future strongholds. We are God’s workmanship and He is the lifelong master of change and transformation. Dr. Alderman brings an excitement to this presentation through current examples of God’s grace in her own journey and through those who have shared their stories with her along the way.
  • THE STRESS TRAP – OVERCOMING STRESS BEFORE IT OVERCOMES YOU – have you experienced stress recently? Are you keeping too many balls in the air at one time? You can learn to manage the existence of stress through 9 strategies to defeat overload in our microwave world. Discover that what you perceive to be stressful, IS – and change your re-action to a healthy response.

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Dr. Alderman is an experienced consultant for single adult ministry, single parent ministry, and women’s ministry.

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With more than twenty five years of ministry and corporate experience, Dr. Alderman shares her passion on multiple topics for retreats, ministry programs, organizations, businesses, and special events.

Presentations are fun, authentic, and designed to motivate and encourage listeners to discover their unique significance and purpose in life, whether in a corporate or small business setting, social or civic organization, spiritual ministry or not-for-profit setting.

Adaptations of her successful workshops and seminars offer key note presentations or smaller breakout sessions. Contact Dr. Alderman to discuss a topic that fits the interests of your organization or gathering.

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Choose from two options to become a certified life coach and people helper. Do you find that family and friends seek you for personal insight and Godly wisdom? Do you wish you had the tools to be of more help in today’s world? If yes, then one of the two options below may be just what you were looking for –

CHANGEPOINTS LIFE COACH BASIC TRAINING LEVELS 1 AND 2 CERTIFICATION – Become a Changepoints Life Coach through Level 1 Training, and receive Advanced Training through Level 2. Discover how to help others explore their interests, passions, strengths and options, evaluate experiences, identify resources needed, and define action steps toward fulfilling their hopes, dreams, and goals through healthy choices and decisions. If you have a desire to help others by becoming trained in a profession that offers value to their lives from a Christian faith perspective, then this training is for you! Learn the Foundation of the Coaching Relationship, Effective Communication Skills, Navigating Change, Ethics and Procedures, Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships, and more. Contact Dr. Alderman for more information on content, dates, and pricing at or 727 424-2309

LIFE PURPOSE COACH ® TRAINING – become a Certified Life Purpose Coach® through Life Purpose Coaching Center International® with Dr. Alderman as your affiliate personal Life Purpose Coach ®Trainer. Becoming a Life Purpose Coach is accomplished through application, approval, and completion of the five session curriculum and accredited training program founded by Dr. Katie Brazelton. Contact Dr. Alderman for more information.

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